NOTE FROM THE WEBMASTER: ***This site is NOT IN-GAME*** This is ONLY an archive of an early development version of, as found in July 2002, and includes the 'hacker' pages, which were also a part of that early site. As such, information found here and on the 'hacker' pages should not be considered to be necessarily accurate, nor an official component of the current Push, NV game.

      Welcome to Push, Nevada.  Home of the world's largest bowling pin.
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  •  Sunday, May 05, 2002. Sunny and Hot. 85°

    Fire on the Edge of Town

    No one hurt in house destroying fire on ranch.
    Push - The Push Fire Department and Sheriff's Office were called to a fire late Tuesday on the east edge of town in response to an anonymous phone call to 911. They were notified at about 5:00 PM and showed up about 20 minutes later to find that the structure was engulfed in flames...


    Push Community Also Wins at Casino
    The Versailles Casino donates funds for new baseball field at high school...


    $ Millions Won at Versailles Casino
    The winnings seem to be on the rise again at casino with Vito Bonaventura being the lucky one...


    Honest Job Meets Needs
    Local businessman earns accolades for his honest and direct approach to running a local Push business. The head of the Push Chamber of Commerce went on record saying, "When you go to Job you know what you are going to get..."

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