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The carpet pattern never changes; only our perception of the pattern does.

- Wongmo



Dr. Leo Kane is a licensed professional psychiatrist specializing in research in mind-body psychiatry and the interplay of science, nature, technology and medicine. Dr. Kane's work has been highlighted in several leading publications.

Thanks to a generous continuing grant, Dr. Kane is able to pursue research opportunities around the world and make incisive, thought-provoking discoveries about the nature of the mind and its inner workings. His insightful studies and publications highlight an evolving, ever-changing approach to standard psychotherapeutic techniques and methodologies. Never content to rest on his laurels, Dr. Kane has put forward many controversial theories about the nature of the mind and its relationship to the greater universe both within and without even while colleagues are content to accept the status quo.

Physicians and other health care professionals, in times of restrictive insurance reimbursement programs and dwindling resources in the medical community at large, have criticized Dr. Kane for his sometimes audacious and very often daring research. He is more often than not vindicated by finding the very methods he was criticized for in years past becoming accepted as standard of care in modern treatment programs. Dr. Kane continues to infuriate and vex the medical community while at the same time surprising and exciting them with his findings.

If you would like information on Dr. Kane's current research projects, please visit the Practice page for up-to-date information.

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