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JawBreakers Quickstart Instructions

Welcome to Jawbreakers! This document is designed to help explain what exactly is going on, and get you into the game quickly.

THE PLOT: One night last year, a group of urban explorers calling themselves the DCMetroCrawlers went spelunking the tunnels beneath Washington, D.C. They found something that night that somebody didn't want them to see. Mercedes Villanueva, one of the crawlers, reported what the group had found to the police.

...she was found dead of heart failure days later, at age 22.
A biotech company who has apparently made great breakthroughs in gene therapy.
A small software company who makes a web browser with an A.I. helper.
A grrl fanzine.
The shut down website of an urban exploration group in DC.
One extremely cryptic page.
A group of online detectives who are trying to figure out what's going on.

What do all these have to do with each other?
What happens when the lines of reality and game blur beyond all belief?

BACKGROUND: Set up as home-base for the players, Jawbreakers is an online community created to discover, explore and solve this new interactive online alternate reality game (thatĎs free, by the way). This type of online gaming (and this game in particular) is outlined in a WIRED article that can be found here. This article will give you background info on the basic plotline of the game, at least as it was at the time of the article.

GETTING STARTED: The trailhead to this game can be found at, a fictional online magazine. Find the article about the Cloudmakers game, and then look carefully for your very first puzzle. This puzzle, when solved will lead you into the game. As you discover new websites, pages, pictures and files, youíll uncover the story. This story, by the way, is being progressed almost daily, with new clues and web pages on a regular basis (at least, so far!).
FINDING CLUES AND PUZZLES: As you explore deeper into the game, be sure to look at everything, explore every link. Things can be hidden in web pages in a variety of ways, some subtle, some obvious. Some things to look at, or look for: source code, hidden words, names of pictures, titles of pages, even the whois registration of the site itself. All of these things can contain clues that you may find useful later.

SOLVING PUZZLES: Letís face it. Some of these puzzles are easy and can be solved on an individual basis, but some need the collective knowledge and resources of the entire Jawbreakers Group. If you canít seem to get past a particular puzzle, search the group messages, or peruse the Jawbreakers Trail or the Jawbreakers Guide to find out if itís been solved, yet.

QUESTIONS: If you have a question about something, feel free to post it (see the Message Labelling Guidelines), but please search the message archives first, to see if your questionís already been answered. Additional resources can always be found in the Files and Photos sections of the Jawbreakers Group (you need to be a Group Member to access them). You can also stop by the #jawbreakers IRC channel (web-based access at Thereís usually someone there who can help, but it can get a little crowded when thereís a new puzzle.

FINAL NOTES: Be careful, though. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell which sites, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. are in-game and which are not. Know that you call phone numbers and send emails at your own risk!

Have fun!

Your Jawbreakers Moderators