I Love Bees

In July of 2004, representatives of various ARG resource sites received a package of honey. Floating in the honey were letters that, when rearranged, spelled out the words "I Love Bees." This lead to ilovebees.com and ilovebees.blogspot.com, and the rest is history. This was one of the more successful ARGs of 2004, and was designed by 42 Entertainment.

In-Game Web Sites
I Love Bees (site remains live)
Dana's Blog (site remains live)

Beekeepers Wiki (Netninja)
Beekeepers Wiki (Fireflies)
Rowan's Guide
Moderated Blog
Timeline (thebruce)
Axon Plot (thebruce)

ILB Audio Archive (arghive.com)
Discussion Forum (UnFiction)



Cloudmakers (The Beast)
Project MU
I Love Bees
Push, NV
Chasing The Fish