Chasing The Fish
There is a legendary fish, the subject of tales spoken in hushed voices, passed from father to son, ally to ally. An enigma, hidden in the streams and lakes of the world, spreading its fins to catch the currents that will take him to where only dreams may go.

What if, at some point in our lives, in times of absolute hunger, or greed, each man, woman and child is given one fish? Not just a fish, but a fish that would change the face of history to come? What if we were forced to exaggerate about the size of the fish, or given the choice to filet or pan fry? What if there were a supernatural force known only as The Fish, who emerged from the murky depths at its own discretion, at one outstanding moment on the high seas, and made possible the chance to use this one miraculous fish for whatever we desired, and then cast the remains out to sea, never to be seen again? And what if, for the first time ever, somebody cloned The Fish and created an entire Fish army? Of Ninjas. Magical Fishy Ninjas.

That would be sweet.

a line you cannot throw, a boat you cannot row