Chasing The Fish
Chasing The Fish Frequently Asked Questions
(1) What is Chasing The Fish?
Chasing The Fish is an Alternate Reality Game where the players, whether they like it or not, become an interactive part of a modern day fish tale. The story is slow and methodical, like the catfish, as it progresses through several twists and turns. As players get more and more involved with the game, they can expect to talk with many forms of marine life and aquaculture experts. There are also puzzles, most of which involve ninjas in the solution somehow.
(2) What's this about fish?
There are fish. In the game. Fish in the game. Fish!
(3) Who are the PMs?
The PuppetMackerels (PMs) are a school of fish that have the sole duty of creating and maintaining the Chasing The Fish environment. This may or may not include the hiring of algae suckers, pool boys, or Uncle Sal from the pet store.
(4) When does the game start?
The game is already afoot, or perhaps a-fin. Don't believe us? Then try this: go to your refrigerator, rummage around in the back, and pull out the oldest, least recognizable container you can find. Open it up and take a big whiff. Smell that? That's right, it's the cloying stench of Chasing The Fish! Enjoy!
(5) How long will the game last?
Ha ha! As if we would end it voluntarily! Oh no, you're not getting away from us that easily! The game ends only when the Earth's environment is no longer hospitable enough to sustain aquatic life. Assuming the current status quo in the U.S. government doesn't change substantially, this could mean at least two or three good years of play!
(6) Who is eligible to play Chasing the Fish and what are the prizes?
Perhaps a better question would be: Can I get out of playing somehow? And the answer would be a resounding No! You will play, you will win nothing, and you will be assimilated or possibly deep-fried and served up with some tartar sauce and a nice side of greens. The Fish will not be trifled with!
(7) What do I need to play?
Clearly you will need all of your wits, along with generous helpings of the wits of your friends and neighbors. Wits are slippery things, so we recommend carrying a resealable stay-fresh container and an ice-cream scoop with you when you visit said friends and neighbors to hack open their skulls and scoop out the sweet, delicious wits within. Some wits may appear curdled or discolored when scooping. We recommend avoiding these.
(8) Is there anything not allowed or discouraged?
Well, we really don't appreciate it when you fondle yourself in public like that. You should be ashamed of yourself. However, such deviant behavior does not at all preclude you from participating in Chasing The Fish! That's right—Chasing The Fish: It's Mandatory!
(9) How do I win Chasing The Fish?
You don't "win" Chasing The Fish. What are you, retarded? Maybe you should stop huffing that ancient refrigerator treasure we told you to retrieve in Question 4. Seriously, we're worried about you.
a line you cannot throw, a boat you cannot row