Welcome to the ARG Archive

Endgame -- arguably the most bittersweet event of any Alternate Reality Game. While the excitement of finishing the game runs through the core of the player base, the underlying feeling of loss starts to creep in. With this site, we attempt to help players and fans of ARGs keep in touch with their favorite games of the past.

While this is simply a starting point -- we've moved the ARG Graveyard out of ARGN and onto this space, but have had time for little else -- we know that there is a heckuva lot more work to be done. Therefore, we are openly asking you to help us out. If you are interested in joining the ARGhive team and laying down the groundwork for this site, please let us know at volunteer@arghive.com.

Watch this space for further information about this project, and thanks for stopping by!









* For those thinking that this might be part of an elaborate ARGN April Fool's Day joke, you're wrong. This is totally legit.







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